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Proposed Changes to Trafford Taxi/PH Driver Application Process

Trafford Council is consulting on proposed changes to its taxi and private hire driver application
process in respect of the current English language skills test; the local area knowledge test and the
'in house' driver training course.
We would like to find out the views of the Trafford hackney carriage, private hire trades and the
public; in particular, whether the proposed changes will achieve our aims of reducing delays in the
application process, whilst maintaining standards and updating our requirements inline with modern

English Language Skills Assessment
The current system requires that all applicants, irrespective of education or background, pass an
English and numeracy assessment undertaken by the Council's specific provider Bolton College.
This policy has caused delays in the application process because of the limited number of
candidates who may be assessed each month.

Proposal 1
The Council proposes that applicants for a hackney carriage/private hire driver's licence will be
required to prove competency in the English language and will now accept the following
qualifications as such proof:
Any UK qualification - i.e. any degree, A or O level or GCSE in any subject;
Any non UK English degree; or
ESOL qualification Entry 2 from any accredited UK college.
Local Area Knowledge Test
The Law Commission in its recent review made a series of far reaching recommendations in
respect of taxi and private hire services. The Commission suggested that local topographical
knowledge tests were an unnecessary requirement and they saw no reason for licensing authorities
to require them

Proposal 2
The Council proposes to remove the requirement for applicants to pass a local area knowledge test
but introduce a condition that all drivers must carry a working satellite navigation system.
Induction Course
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The Council currently requires all applicants to attend an induction course which focuses on the
roles and responsibilities of being a taxi or private hire driver. It is proposed to extend the length
and scope of the course to cover in more detail a professional approach to customer care and
disability awareness; how to work within local authority guidelines and national legislation; and a
greater awareness of child sexual exploitation and how to report any concerns.

Proposal 3
The Council proposes to require all applicants to complete an in-house induction course consisting
Licensing conditions and legislation framework
Customer Care
Wheelchair access and disability awareness
Child sexual exploitation awareness training

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Your Views
Proposed Changes to Trafford Taxi/PH Driver Application Process
1. You may be aware of the legal loop-hole that allows taxis
licensed by other authorities to work in the Trafford area. Do you
think the Council should try to do something to address this

2. Proposal 1 - Do you think that the above qualifications are
appropriate to prove compentency in the English language?

3. Proposal 1 - Are there any other qualifications which you think
would be acceptable?
4. Proposal 2 - Do you agree with the proposal to remove the
requirement to pass a local area knowledge test?

5. Proposal 3 - Do you have any other suggestions for topics that
should be covered on the induction course?

6. Overall, are you satisfied that these proposals will meet the
Council's aim of reducing delays in the application process whilst
maintaining standards?
Not satisfied
Don't know

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Proposed Changes to Trafford Taxi/PH Driver Application Process
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