Altrincham Taxi Companies

All Taxi drivers working in the Altrincham area are independent and self-employed,  many work through the companies below, these companies supply work to the drivers for a charge. You are welcome to arrange any work, direct with the drivers and all drivers are able to work from the ranks situated in the Altrincham area, the main rank is outside Altrincham interchange on Stamford New Road, (pictured above).

A large proportion of drivers take credit and debit cards as well as cash.

if you want to pay by card and the first Taxi on the rank does not take them you are at liberty to go to the next available taxi who does take credit or debit cards and use their taxi for your journey.

All taxis are wheelchair accessible

Companies offering a 24 hour Taxi service in Altrincham

South Manchester Radio Cabs

0161 973 9999   0161 941 2222


Metro Taxis Trafford


0161 493 5000

If you are having any problems with any taxi company we would like to know 
Contact us

Providers who don't offer a 24 hour service at this time

Chauffeur and Taxi Ltd 


0161 870 8055

All Taxis licensed to work the Altrincham area are purpose built vehicles, the type shown in the photograph above, No saloon car is licensed as a Taxi in Trafford.

All drivers are licensed by Trafford Council, all have taken advance DBS checks and are fully insured for public hire and have public liability insurance as standard.

For more information on Taxi licensing see Trafford Councils website

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