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0161 638 3882

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Chauffeur and Taxi Ltd

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0161 870 8055



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Trafford's Wheelchair Taxi & Disabled Transport Service

i-Cabs 07949 149 094  


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Policies of the ten Greater Manchester Councils
Bolton, Purpose Built 
Bury, Any wheelchair accessible vehicle (no rear loading)
Manchester, Purpose Built
Oldham, Purpose Built 
Rochdale, Purpose Built or White Saloon
Salford, Purpose Built
Stockport, Any Vehicle
Tameside, Any Vehicle minimum 5 passengers, Maximum 8 passenger, if not LTi/Metro must be Black
Trafford, Purpose Built
Wigan, Any Vehicle


July 2019

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Unfortunately there has been lots of bogus applications recently

21st March 2018

Taxi driver refused to take blind passenger with guide dog

Messenger Newspaper, much wrong with report, "Private Hire Driver"

8th January 2018

Public Protection Sub-Committee Thursday,

18th January, 2018 6.30 pm


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Trafford Monthly meeting page

Report Page

Report from 2015

Agenda reports pack

16th November 2017

Hereford Street Rank (Tesco), Sale

The redevelopment of Sale Centre and the possible closure and moving of the rank.

There are plans to build a six screen cinema on the site of the present multi storey car park, with three restaurants underneath, plus roughly where Friars Road is a new "Boulevard"  joining Sibson Road to Town Square, which will have six  new shop units along it. There will be a tower block where Sibson House is with car park below and fronting Sibson Road a row of Town Houses. 

The result will be the loss of Friars Road as an entrance for delivery vehicles to the shops, this is being addressed by an entrance through the car park which will serve the rear of the shops, but this will not be large enough for larger articulated lorries, so here comes the main reason for closing/moving the rank, it is in the way for deliveries of larger lorries as they plan to have a shared space section on Hereford Street, thus allowing articulated lorries to use the road for deliveries, bearing in mind they estimate the are likely to be only eight such deliveries a month, they seem happy to affect the livelihoods of the Taxi drivers for a thesefew deliveries.

They plan to move the rank which now has twelve spaces to John Street/Benbow Street, with 5 spaces, altering the paved section, but still this is unsuitable, considering the problems of getting in and out of John Street which will increase fares and dodging large delivery lorries. 

The plan for a rank on Springfield Road is for a night time rank to cover the cinema and restaurants. 


15th November 2017

Taxi meter update

you are also able to have your meter updated

at Taxi and General

12th November 2017

Taxi meter update

will be done on the following dates

Manchester United and Stretford Ranks

Monday 4th December 2017  between 10:00 and 13:00

Sale (Hereford Street) and Altrincham Ranks

Tuesday 5th December 2017 between 10:00 and 13:00

Cost will be £15.00

Meter test,

Owners/drivers will have to contact the garage to book an appointment. These will be every 10 minutes.

Cost will be £14.00

Card Payment only I assume as usual at Test Centre

8th November 2017

latest idea's from Trafford Council and the developers about Hereford Street (Tesco) RankJ

"The current thinking is for a rank on John Street very close to the Tesco entrance to cater for demand there; and also a rank on Springfield Road adjacent to the proposed cinema."

watch out for the lorries 

1st November 2017

The Rank at Hereford Street, (Tesco) Sale, is under threat by the new development plans for Sale Town centre, we don't yet know for sure what the plans, which should be released by the end of the year, but members need to be prepared to fight this potential closure, we do seem to have support of local Councillors against any such closure, which is one good thing.  

19th July 2017

Taxi and Private Hire meeting at Westminster Hall on the future of the trade

Wes Streeting introducing the debate, with contribution fro Stretford MP Kate Green, who joined us by spending the afternoon in one of our cabs earlier this year

Click here to view

18th July 2017


I have been asked to advise you that due to filming taking place at Hale Station, part of the Hale rank will be temporarily unavailable on Tuesday 25th July 2017 between 12 noon and 4.00pm.

I would be grateful if you could pass this information onto drivers.

Regard, Joanne Boyle

12th July 2017

The next Taxi liaison meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday 23rd August 2017.

Suggestions for issues most welcome, Taxi or Private Hire

3rd July 2017

Test Centre, it is moving end of July early August, no firm date yet.

The new address will be 

Unit 9-10, Severnside Trading Estate, Textilose Road, Trafford Park, M17 1WA

You can book for August, be check before you go, as they have no plans to inform those who have booked that they have moved.

27th June 2017

New London Taxi TX5 to make dynamic debut at Goodwood

 "...Despite the higher specification and complex drivetrain, Ancona insists the TX5 won’t cost any more to buy or lease than the current model – thanks to government subsidies for low emission vehicles."

see full article in Auto Express

21st June 2017

Altrincham BID awards, for Leisure/Tourism Service of the year 2017. The Taxi Trade in Altrincham came runners up.

5th May 2015

Message from Kate Green MP

Follow up from when she went out with a driver in March, with regards enforcement, mainly at MUFC.

.. I wanted to drop you a line as I’ve received a response from the Council’s Director of Growth and Regulatory Services, Richard Roe. I’m enclosing a copy of the letter for your information.

As you’ll read, Mr Roe tells me that the Council carries out a number of operations to tackle illegal activities of both hackney and private hire drivers. He says that usually this involves covert operations to check for compliance which he appreciates often goes undetected by local drivers.

Mr Roe informs me that regular taxi liaison meetings are held with representatives of the hackney trade and part of this meeting is an update on enforcement. He says that the Council will continue to allocate resources to this issue and that in future additional joint operations are planned with Rossendale Council to address the issue of out of area vehicles.

I hope you find this information helpful.

Kind Regards,

Kate Green (signed)


The quoted letter from Richard Roe, anyone who wants to read it, I will have a copy in the Cab

15th March 2015

Proposed fare increase, Phil Jordan/TTODA suggestions


A meeting has been arranged  with a member of Trafford Council's finance team on the 12th April 2017, to discuss/review the formula used for setting the Taxi fares, any suggestion from members welcome

21st February 2017



20th February 2017

Excellent article about the legality of out of area licensed vehicles, by Lee Ward

13th February 2017

Minutes from Public Protection Sub-Committee Meeting 19th January 2017


The Sub-Committee received a verbal report from the Licensing Team Leader on a proposed way to promote Hackney Carriage licences due to a current lack of Hackney carriage drivers coming through the system. It was suggested to promote the opportunities of becoming a Hackney Carriage driver at induction. The Team Leader also stated that it was possible for operators to attend the induction sessions and speak to potential drivers regarding Hackney Carriage licences and opportunities to work on a track basis.

RESOLVED: The Sub-Committee were informed that they would try the suggestions and a further report would be brought back to the Sub-Committee on whether the situation had improved.

13th February 2017

re: Taxi Liaison Meeting 8th February 2017

we asked Joanne Boyle about the following


There was a general discussion about the knowledge test and use of sat navs. No proposed change to the current policy.

*Comment: it would benefit the Taxi trade to have the knowledge reintroduce to separate the driver applications in to two streams"


The trade would like to discuss further the factors used to calculate any fare increase as there have been significant changes that effect the operation of a taxi. Officers will liaise with finance and trade to update formula calculation.

*N.B. we asked about changing the formula a couple of years ago*


30th January 2017

Next Taxi Liaison meeting is the 8th February 2017

Do you have any issues that need raising with Trafford Council, Hackney or Private, contact me with your concerns

12th November 2016

With applicants who apply now not being seen until June 2018, the consequences of this is that by then the number of drivers, who will be mainly Private Hire, will have doubled over the period up to June 2018. So will there be enough work, I doubt it, considering the amount of Private Hire vehicles that can be seen parked up day or night, Operators clearly don't have enough work available to cover the number of drivers now and it's unlikely trade will increase over the next two years to cover the influx of new drivers, even taking in to account those Rossendale Drivers getting a Trafford badge and I can't see Uber covering the difference by the amount of drivers who are coming off their system. It's hard at present to make a decent living it's going to be much harder in the coming years.

12th November 2016

If you are already a Private Hire Driver and want to move to Hackney Taxis or have that option, you can apply for a Hackney Taxi Badge which will cost you  £23.60. It looks like the majority of new applicants coming through are on the Private Hire circuit, even allowing for those who maybe from Rossendale who are now getting Trafford Badges, there are going to be an increase in Private Hire Drivers out there, which will effect the available work and having a Hackney Taxi badge will increase your options for the future.

12th November 2016

If you apply now for a Drivers Licence, Hackney or Private Hire, you will have to wait until June 2018 before you will be interviewed. If your application is already in the system this will not effect you.

24th October 2016

Comments regarding various ranks from the Council, from lastThursdays Liaison meeting

24th October 2016

Please note

Trafford Licensing have received 3,000 plus requests for their Driver application pack since the beginning of August, they are dealing with those that are returned on a first come first served basis at an average of 50 per month. if all 3,000 returned their applications it will take licensing 5 years to process them all. The estimate to the ratio of Hackney to Private Hire ranges from 1 hackney in 50 to 10 Hackney in 50, 2% to 20%. The first month saw 49 Private Hire applicants and 1 Hackney Taxi applicant dealt with. So if you didn't get you application in quick you may have a long wait.

4th October 2016

Taxi Testing Contract

A rather big mistake has popped up, Higher Road are not accepting appointments for tests after December 31st 2016, but the new contract doesn't start until February 1st 2017, so if your test is due in January and you can't get an appointment in December you're buggered.

13th September 2016

Dear All

A final report on the Unmet Demand Survey 2015 will be considered by the Sub-Committee at its meeting on the 22nd September 2016. The meeting will start at 6.00pm and you are invited to attend the meeting.


Joanne Boyle (by email)

13th September 2016

Paypal reader on Offer @£39.99 until 31st October 2016

Click here to see

8th September 2016

We are also on Facebook at

It is a closed group, you will have to ask to join, information, post pictures and news

7th September 2016

Email to Councillor Whetton regarding have a Councillor from the Licensing committee accompanying a driver whilst he working.


Dear Councillor Whetton,

I am sorry for the slow reply; this has resulted in much debate and varying opinions.

Your reply to Associations offer to members of the Licensing Committee to accompany a driver in his Taxi for a period during his working day, did cause a little concern, "references to the Public Protection role of the members" we believe you are coming from this from the wrong angle, this gives the impression that you believe we are a threat to the public and we have to show you that we are not.

The offer was given due to the perceived view, rightly or wrongly that the members of the committee are out of touch with the daily life and issues of Taxi drivers within Trafford. We all have a view of how any industry works, usually with no real or first hand knowledge, everyone has a reasonable idea how the Taxi trade works, this is true, but this doesn't in reality give a true picture of the daily life of a driver within the Taxi trade.

Other impressions received are that Councillors are in an "ivory tower" "like Victorian elite, looking down on the poor", Except for a few who believe our offer is a waste of time, all drivers I have spoken to, back the offer wholeheartedly, but there is an underlying belief though that Committee members will be very reluctant to participate and will look for any reason to reject the offer.

On average a full time drivers work between eight and twelve hours a day, often six days a week, and in the present economic climate, often struggling to make the minimum wage. The day is split roughly in to three, early mornings, day, evening/late night, clearly a drivers routine over laps these periods. The late night period is of most concern to drivers, and it is a lot to ask, but we would be grateful for a Councillor to consider joining us during this period.

Early morning covers, Altrincham, Sale and Stretford, though not as much, with much of the work being provided by service companies (radio work), i.e. Radio Cabs and Metro Cabs, being the largest.

During the day there are three distinct areas, with different conditions of work, Manchester United rank, Old Trafford, largely a tourist point, Altincham/Sale ranks, which are connected to interchanges, and Stretford/Tesco ranks, which are predominately shoppers.

Evening/night time, this covers mainly Altrincham, Hale, and Sale ranks, plus radio work, up to around 4am. 

It is believed that a driver should be accompanied for a least a couple of hours, as recently done by one of your members, in a similar operation in Altrincham, viewing the night time economy, which unfortunately I was unable to attend. Councillors will be able to interact as they wish with other drivers, it will be made clear that a Councillor will be left alone with the chosen host, unless they decide otherwise, we don't want to put any Councillor in an uncomfortable position. As well as the offer to accompany a driver, if need be, to view the night time trade, especially after midnight, a single vehicle to allow Councillors to view events.

What Councillors will gain from the experience from the experience, is knowledge and understand of a Taxi drivers life, first hand, whose livelihoods are often affected by the decisions and actions, potentially of five Councillors.

This email is not intended to offend; it is hopefully an honest reflection of driver's views.


7th September 2016

New Driver Licenses/badges

Latest from Licensing via email

"The Licensing Section has received:

2,682 requests for application packs

1,500 pending requests for appointments

We are currently booked up until the end of this year (without dealing with any of the pending appointments above)"


on refusing Hackney Driver badges, via email

"We have not refused any hackney carriage driver applications. We have had a number of enquiries from individuals who wish to apply for a HC drivers licence so that they can work in another area. They have been advised that we have a restricted number of HC vehicles and they have subsequently decided to apply for a private hire driver’s licence"

29th August 2016

Out of the reputed 500 driver applicants received by licensing they have so far processed 50 of them, 1 is Hackney Taxi, 49 are Private Hire.

29th August 2016

The rumours out the Tory Group at Trafford finally deciding what will happen with the unmet demand survey, are just rumours, I have checked with licensing (Joanne) and they know nothing and if the rumours were true, I am sure they would have been notified about the decision. Unless anybody knows different, and has it in writing.

29th August 2016

I have been approached with regards setting up an App based system, similar to the one uber uses. for the Hackney Trade in Trafford. They are looking for partners to invest, with a minimum investment of £500 up to £1,000, with a total investment pot of between £5,000 and £10,000 envisaged. There is a plan to cover all ten Boroughs of Greater Manchester and North Cheshire, linking all areas with the App. There will be an envisage on quality of service for all parts of the community.

if anybody is interested email me in the first instance

29th August 2016

 DBS checks (previously CRB),  update service explained.

Saves money in the long run, with a transferable certificate. Your DBS is only valid for one month from issue, with the update service, your DBS certificate is valid at all times. The advantage being if you need to apply for another DBS elsewhere the one you already have is valid, you need just supply the number from your certificate (they need to see the certificate) and they can check the details online. Also when the three years comes round again for you are expected to renew your DBS, again you show them the original certificate and they use that number to check you out. You need to apply within 19 days of receiving your new DBS certificate.

Government website

29th August 2016

Non contract Credit Card Readers, with Contactless payment facilities.

Credit Card Readers, with Contactless payment facilities.

The 2 main contenders iZettle and PayPal.

You will need a smartphone,

internet access and bluetooth.

The card readers come at a cost, for a one off payment

iZettle Pro £75.00, PayPal £79.95

Both companies often have them on offer in the region of £55

Both companies charge 2.75% per transaction, which equates as 27.5p per £10.00, you do have the option to add a surcharge to the fare if you really need to.

The biggest difference between the two systems is how quickly you receive your money,

iZettle takes between 2 to 3 days for the money to be deposited in your bank account.

PayPal the money is instantly in your PayPal account and if you choose to transfer it over to your bank account, this takes about 2 hours to complete

Drawback, neither come with printers for receipts 


iZettle                     Paypal

Other companies also available

Payleven, simular to iZettle

29th August 2016

Re; emails sent with regards our offer for Councillors to accompany drivers in their cabs

August 13th 2016

Dear Councillor Whetton,

There is growing concern that the members of the Licensing Committee are to detached from the trade and thus have little or no knowledge on actually what it is to be a Taxi driver and how the business works. 
So the Association would like to invite you and any members of the Licensing Committee from any political party to sit in with a driver for about 2 hours to witness a small part of his working day, obviously at a time to suit any Councillor interested in taking up the offer. 
It is felt that sitting in with a driver would help Councillors understand a bit more the working pattern of a driver, even if just for 2 hours! The average day for a driver is about 12 hours.


August 16th 2016

Hello Paul

Thank you for this idea.

I am very happy for it to be offered out to the full Licensing Committee.  Before I (or you) do that, may I suggest that you indicate a little bit more in terms of the benefits that Councillors can expect to gain from the experience, particularly in relating it to the Councillors role.  If your points can include any references to the Public Protection role of the members, that would be very helpful.

Let me know your thoughts. 

Kind regards

Mike Whetton 


A reply has been drawn up, just checking some things out, and waiting for other events to unfold before sending it to Councillor Whetton. Still time to send in your views if I haven't seen you.

22 August 2016

Uber: the real lives of its drivers

Unfortunately there will always be those who believe the promises, made by this company, which has little or no respect for those who work through the app, then these drivers end up breaking the law by touting for work, either due to greed or ignorance, to make ends meet, destroying the reputations and livelihoods of the existing Taxi and Private Hire drivers already working in an area. There are plenty of warnings out there to the way this company threats it's drivers and their passengers, they have no respect for either and anyone thinking of working for them needs to seriously think about the consequences, there isn't enough work at the moment as it is, they will not be able to suddenly, as by magic produce more, just consider how much it will cost you against what you are able to earn, before you jump in the deep end.

3rd August 2016

Higher Rd are not taking booking for tests beyond the 31st December just in case they loose the contract

Draft Minutes from the last Liaison Meeting have been posted

20th July 2016

Taxi Liaison meeting 19th July 2016, summary.


Considering the following

Altrincham Rank,

The works on the rank should be finished by next week

Changing the notice signs from ‘No Waiting’ to ‘No Stopping’ and making these signs more obvious where the turning is.

Hale Rank,

Council to investigate as soon as possible the moving the rank to the other side of Ashley Road, opposite Cecil Road, and making use of the bus stop there as well, this could allow 7 vehicles to rank up.

Sale Rank,

Extending the rank by 5 metres so allowing one more vehicle to park on the rank, looking at ways of stopping over ranking towards Hope Road.

Tesco Rank,

Improving the visibility of existing signs to stop non-taxis turning on to the rank.

It was suggested they put signs on the island each side of the rank, but they don’t want the cost of doing this.

Opposite Town Hall Rank,

Funding has been secured to make the bus stop opposite the Town Hall rank a Taxi rank, likely from about midnight to early morning, subject to a report in the autumn.

Licensing and driver applications

Licensing has one full time, a temporary (how long for?) member of Staff, permanently on licensing, Steve who covers both Taxi and Alcohol licensing, two others who are working on Alcohol licensing at present but envisaged working Taxis as well in the future, plus Joanne. They intend getting another full time member of staff soon.

Contacting them now should be back to normal, especially by phone, they will have from the 29th a second line 0161 912 2593, which is meant for new applications only.

They plan to start excepting new applications from the 29th July, applicants need to telephone or email them and they will post the documents out, no forms will be downloadable from the council web site.


There has been two convictions for not taking an assistance dog, both being fined about £1,000 each.

There is one case in the pipeline for touting at one of the concerts at Lancashire cricket.

They plan to use CCTV via a video equipped vehicle, as in Birmingham to control touting at MUFC in the future and hopefully elsewhere.

Vehicle policy review,

This recently has been on hold due to staff shortages, and they will be looking again at the age policy for vehicles and if they intend removing the need for first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Consultation is planned before any changes are implemented.

CSE training. (Child sexual exploitation awareness)

The Council will do a trail run with new applicants, then if okay extend it to existing drivers, likely near the end of the year over a 6 month period, doing approximately 30 drivers at a time. CSE training will be compulsory for all licensed drivers.

Unmet demand survey

The Councillors still haven’t decided how to proceed following the unmet demand survey; apparently the conservative group will meet to decide sometime in the future.





20th July 2016

New applications

Trafford Licensing are scheduled to start taking new applications from 29th July 2016, they will have a dedicated telephone number 0161 912 2593 or by email

**Please don't contact them until the 29th**

13th July 2016

The agenda for the next meeting with Trafford Council is below, comments and suggestions welcome





General rank update

Rank opposite Sale Town Hall

Leaving taxi unattended on rank i.e. toilet breaks

Better signage on ranks


Staffing levels and functions

Contacting the Section


General licensing enforcement update

Victoria Warehouse

Match day road closures

Use of CCTV recordings


Age Policy

Fire extinguishers & First Aid Kits



Issuing of licences update



11. UBER


13. AOB

30th June 2016

New Driver applications update

Licensing are apparently still on course to resume new applications for drivers from the end of July, which means it will be at least October before we see anyone coming through.

29th June 2016

Lancashire Cricket

Rihanna, Wednesday 29th June 2016
Gates open at 16.00 with the concert ending at 22.30

Police are closing the roads around theevent at 9.45pm

22 June 2016

Concerts to be held at Emirates, Old Trafford  (Lancashire County Cricket Club) are as follows

Rihanna, Wednesday 29th June 2016

Gates open at 16.00 with the concert ending at 22.30 

Beyoncé, Tuesday 5th July 2016 

Gates open at 16.30  with the concert ending at 22.30 

Road Closures for both Concerts as follows:

Brian Statham Way closed from midnight on the day of the event until crowds dispersed and safe to re-open the road

Talbot Road (from White City Way to Great Stone Road), Great Stone Road (The Quadrant to Talbot Road), Warwick Road (Talbot Road to Chester Road) these roads will be closed from approximately 10 minutes prior to the end of the concerts until pedestrian flows have reduced and it is safe to reopen the roads.

Enforcement officers will be working on both concert nights. There will be no temporary ranks in operation around the site.

1st June 2016

Altrincham Phase 2 works leaflet,

click on picture to expand

1st June 2016

Driver Applications, latest from Trafford Licensing

"Those applicants whose application is more than a year old, who were not actively pursuing their application, will have to submit a new application but we will, where possible, honour the payment they originally made"

31st May 2016

The work on and around Altrincham rank has finally started, rank space will be limited for a time

31st May 2016

Existing Driver Applications are now being processed and should be completed by the end of June.

New Driver Applications will begin to be taken at the end of July, with the first induction course taking place in August.

The proposal for CCTV as in Birmingham to counter touts is at the moment in Graeme Levy's hands, but it appears he is no rush to act

16th May 2016

The work on and around Altincham Rank and Stamford New Road is scheduled to start in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

7th May 2016

Further on Victoria Warhouse and MUFC

Dear Mr Brown

Thank you for your email of 6th May and the information you provided in relation to the problems around the use of private hire vehicles at the Victoria Warehouse event at the weekend. We shall be meeting shortly with senior management at the venue to review these allegations, the venue’s dispersal policy and agree what should happen at any future events to ensure legal compliance. These discussions will also address the issue of the alleged illegal street closure.

In relation to the complaints about breaches occurring at MUFC home games I can assure you that the Council takes the issue of illegal plying for hire very seriously. As part of the approach to deal with the issue a number of covert operations have been conducted and in the last 18 months. Formal investigations resulting from these operations have resulted in nine successful prosecutions. The outcome of this was defendants were convicted, fined and then had their licence revoked. There will be an enforcement presence at the last home game of the season on Sunday 15th May.

In terms of the staffing issues in the Licensing team; there are currently some staff shortages and a great deal of effort is being made to maintain existing diary commitments (renewals, additional vehicle requests etc). The position will improve with the arrival of a new Licensing Officer later this month.

In relation to the tragic events surrounding the death at the weekend I can confirm that the Council, in addition to cooperating with the police investigation will also be reviewing, in consultation with the venue owners and the police, the measures in place at such events that seek to prevent such tragedies occurring in the future.

Kind regards

Helen Jones, Deputy Chief Executive, (6th May 2016)

6th May 2016

Letter posted with the permission of John Connaughton

re: Victoria Warehouse

Hello Joanne (Lead Licensing Officer at Trafford Council)

First off apologies for this email I do know you're busy and understaffed and the last thing you need Is this email but because you are Licencing Manager I think you ought to know what's going on after all you issued the licence and in my opinion they're not complying with the licence conditions and in turn possibly breaking the law so I think you need to know what's happened here.

Illegal Events took place last weekend at the warehouse and united, it seems it's the same old story because of no enforcement or very little only this time a different private hire company is involved and in my opinion operating illegally it seems the warehouse has employed streetcars a Manchester licensed Private Hire Company just like Hotel Football  ( so much for supporting local businesses in Trafford what's wrong with Trafford Private Hire if they don't want to use us?  ) anyway I digress that's not your concern, they got them to cover their private hire work from the warehouse so some questions need to be answered have the warehouse and street cars got a legal street closeure order or notice because this is what they did , they closed both road entrances to the event with cones and barriers so that only street cars were allowed in and out until Trafford Drivers started to kick up a fuss saying you can't close a road in both directions because you feel like it, if they did obtain a street closure order or notice can you show me the legal notice please? Because if not they have committed an offence and need to have their licence revoked and possibly prosecuted, I am not aware of any occasion where someone can close a rd without a road closure order.
Are Street Cars Operating Legally? If so can we see the licence issued by Trafford If so does street cars have a Trafford Private Hire operators license and Registered at that address if not they're committing an offence, are they recording the booked jobs at the licenced address as the legislation states as they didn't seem to be doing that either the other night and had 3 men in hi viz jackets with taxi Marshall written on the back asking people where they're going to and to get into the corall this is touting which is also an offence , they're also coralling people against their will, why not have people que up and if they want to leave the que that's up to the individual not street cars marshalls, as I've said before this coralling is hypocritical as when the event finishes they can't manage the amount of people leaving anyway and are forced to take the corall down and let everyone out so what was the point? Then they're told to wait for their car to arrive and not get a Trafford Licensed Taxi which was stationed on the road in my opinion this is detention and touting and is also an offence and all watched on by the Police which I will be bringing to the attention of the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Ian Hopkins And Tony Loyd the Greater Manchester Police And Crime Commissioner as I think the police were in dereliction of their duty by possibly witnessing numerous crimes taking place in front of them and doing nothing about it. Street Cars say they will do what they want because it's private ground and I've told them and Trafford Council numerous times before this is nonsense that under the Greater Manchester 1981 Act any forecourt or road within 6 meters of the highway is classed as highway which comes under Trafford control and to operate you need a licence issued by Trafford under that act which is exclusive to Greater Manchester.
Then we come to United, Private Hire cars plying for hire which is illegal on every rank when asked to move they now get out and surround you swear  and intimidate you to move because they know there is no enforcement also every job to the city is £25 and every job to the airport is 35 or 40 this is what's been quoted to people which is scandalous and none are wearing any badges and any Trafford Uber drivers are not complying with Trafford Licensing Conditions which is to have a roof sign displayed and wear and display their badge I and other drivers do our best by informing the customers that these private hire from Manchester are pirates and they are not insured and they will overcharge you but this is not our job this is the job of Trafford Enforcement. I have suggested before how to get rid of these pirates but to no avail. All you need is parking enforcement to just show a presence and they'll leave. So for at least the last match can we get some enforcement taking place please? 
I also understand another shocking very unfortunate and needless death took place because of drugs Again,  a teenage girl lost her life because of drugs at the warehouse last weekend so how many deaths has there been here up to now?  How many deaths need to happen before their licence is revoked by Trafford Council? 
I have written to you today as I think you need to be made aware of what's taking place at these Trafford Licensed events.

Thank you for your time and patience  Joanne

Best Regards

John Connaughton  GMB Trade Union Trafford Representative

5th May 2016

we are also have a Facebook group

Association of Trafford Taxi Drivers

for updates and more

4th May 2016

Taxi Licensing debate House of Commons

4th May 2016

Letter posted with the permission of Eric Bullock,
Monday 02/05/2016
Victoria Warehouse
Mr J Marriott (Head of Public Protection)
For some time now (about two years) at our liaison meetings I have been asking for something to be done about the Warehouse. I have also sent E-Mails about the problems that are ongoing. Just to highlight a few of them I have constantly complained about Trafford Private Hire picking up without being pre-booked. (The original agreement required a Rep from the Private Hire Company taking the bookings on site and calling it through to the office). This no longer happens, so all pickups by Private Hire are illegal. I also said at the last few meetings that Private Hire cars and hackney Carriages from other areas 
(Manchester, Salford, Bury Stockport and Rossendale [these are just a few of them]) are coming in and picking up. I have repeatedly ask for a meeting between the Taxi Trade the Council and the organisers of the Warehouse to try and sort out these problems. I hav3e always been told by yourself to leave it with you and you will organise something and get it sorted. At present I am 
still waiting for this to happen.
Sunday 01/05/2016
I learn that the Victoria Warehouse is on I arrive there at about 1am Monday morning only to find that the problem has gone from bad to worse (if that is possible) Just to remind you of the lay out of the road You have Trafford Park Road (a public road). At the side next to the Hotel separated by the Footpath is what use to be the railway line but is now used a parking area and a drive way 
(for now referred to as a layby) . This is about 18/20 foot wide( can fit two cars side by side on it) The original agreement was that Private Hire would use this area and Hackney Carriages would use the Road. What is now happening is that Street Cars Licenced by Manchester is ranking up in this layby, and all Trafford Private Hire and Hackney Carriages are being put on the road. Street Cars have provided their own Marshals. The barriers have been set up set up so that as the people leave the venue they are channelled through to Street Cars Marshalls who are then putting them straight into the Street Cars Private Hire Very few are getting through to the Hackney Carriages (or Private hire)Licenced by Trafford waiting on the road. I went to find someone that was in charged an was told by him that all Street Cars are Pre-booked and there was nothing I could about it.
I would like to point out that you cannot do a block booking for Private Hire. Each vehicle has to have a Name, Pickup point and Destination. More importantly why are Manchester Private Hire Ranking up in Trafford. (Where is the line going to be drawn?) Tempers was getting frayed as Street Cars was constantly pulling out with passengers while all of Trafford’s Licenced vehicles was sat there doing nothing
Trafford Council and in particular the Licencing office are supposed to protect the Licenced Hackney Carriage and Private Hire in Trafford from this sort of thing.
In the past the council have not been able to take on big Multinational Company’s (i.e. Peal Holdings or Manchester United) this I can understand (not agree with) but this is some private individuals who have purchased the 
warehouse and are running the raves (for want of a better word) who thin k that they can do what they like and ignore Trafford’s Rules and regulations.What I NO we the Licenced Trade want to know is what you and the Licencing office and the Council are going tgo do about this.
Eric Bullock Vice-Chairman Trafford Taxi Owners and Drivers Association

4th May 2016

The debate asked for by Andrew Gwynne MP on Taxi Licensing will be tonight around 10pm

30th April 2016

Andrew Gwynne MP on Twitter on 28th April

Asked for a debate on problems with taxi licensing this morning - as if by magic, I have been granted one next week!

Plate 66 is due to be allocated by ballot on 3rd May 2016 at noon at the Town Hall

Letter in Messenger Newspaper


19th April 2016

Trafford Licensing will not resume new applications until a least May due to staff illness.

It is clear that the department is run on a shoestring with no back up staff available from other area of the Council, so if one staff member is off the whole place goes to pot, it's clearly a mess that needs sorting out. We wish Steve a speedy recovery.

12th April 2016

email from Trafford Licensing as of 4.40pm

Just to keep you informed. The appointments for the driver applicants, “already in the system” were due to start on Monday 11th April.  Unfortunately,  the Senior Licensing Officer Steve Bate rang in sick that morning in connection with ongoing health problems. The appointments that had been arranged had to be cancelled and will now have to be re-scheduled. This will be a disappointment to the applicants, as it is to us.”

12th April 2016.

Altrincham Drivers has been accused of refusing to take wheelchair passengers on Twitter, this is not true, Trafford Licensing have confirmed that in the last two years there have been no complaints from anywhere in Trafford concerning a driver refusing to take a wheelchair passenger. If this does happen we at the Association would encourage those concerned to take it to Trafford Council as soon as possible, with the vehicles plate number so the driver can be identified. We do not condone this type of behavior. 

we are now on Facebook

Association of Trafford Taxi Drivers

Open to all interested in the trade in Trafford, members or non-members alike

Mobile friendly version of this site also available now

29th March 2016

The outstanding work on Altrincham Rank and the crossing by it are due to be done from 18th April 2016, exact details yet to be confirmed as there are several outstanding unfinished works, from phase one of the improvements to Altrincham centre.

24th March 2016

New driver application update from Trafford Council It seems they are still "designing the new processes" so after 5 months little seems to have been done. 

Click here to go to Taxi and private hire news

16th March 2016

Update on Driver licence applications, Licensing have employed a temporary member of staff, starting beginning of April, they have said, they should start dealing with existing applications from mid April 

5th March 2016

Altrincham Rank, the turning circle looks like it will finally be done, apparently the architects had told those in charge the work had been carried out, so Conor Leyton of the LK Group came to have a look and admitted that the work had clearly not been done.       No date for the work yet though.

4th March 2016

For those who knew Graham Kinsey, his funeral will be at St Martin's Church, Ashton on Mersey on 11th March, at 11 o'clock. Graham died unexpectedly on the 19th February, at his shop in Ashton Village.

2nd March 2016

New Driver Licences

Hackney and Private Hire

Those who have already applied and the process has begun, Trafford Licensing expect to continue the processing your application again in the next few weeks (whatever that really means).

New Applications will not be sorted until at least May, i.e. after the election, and it is likely to be much longer if the backlog of existing applicants is large, as we believe it is.

Reason. Staff Shortages, and in my view changing the application process to much last September and the department clearly wasn't ready for the changes.

There has been numerous complaints sent to the Association about the way applicants are treated (rudeness) when they telephone the licensing department, we has took this up with them and hope our are concerns will be dealt with. They are dealing with peoples future livelihoods and should appreciate this.

29th February 2016

Altrincham Rank, the so call "Totems" have not yet been manufactured hence the delay in finishing the front of the rank.

It is becoming event that Trafford Council are not intending at present, altering the turning circle, against the plans they showed us last year.

29th February 2016

Rossendale introduce "Intended Use Policy from 24th February

No New Vehicle Plates will be issued for out of area use

Existing Vehicles that are working out of area will be able to be re-licenced once

From March 2017 about 100 a month will start to disappear

28th February 2016

Ashton Rank has been moved across the road by the Plough

8th February 2016

re: TfGM Electric Taxi/Private Hire Funding Event held on the 2nd February

There is a questionnaire survey online.

From the meeting whilst there is willingness to engage the Hackney Trade, there seems to be little understanding of how the trade works, and how to incorporate an infrastructure that is suitable for the Hackney trade. The example given all seem to relate to the Private Hire Trade in general.

go to Survey

8th February 2016


Agenda for 10th February Meeting.




General rank update


General licensing enforcement update

Illegal plying at Altrincham General hospital/Hale Village/Sale Town Hal, 

Match day Enforcement, 

Smoking in Taxis


Age Policy, 

Vehicle Emissions, 

Fire extinguishers & First Aid Kits 


Issuing of licences update





11. AOB

Minutes from last meeting in October

Ken and Phil will be representing the Association at the meeting

27 January 2016

Paying your Road Tax by direct debit on-line

Be aware that the direct debit does not automatically renew itself as your Test/MOT is issued by the Council and doesn't appear on the DVLA database

27 January 2016

Rossendale Council introduce an "Hackney Carriage
Intended ‘Use’ Policy" from March 2016

Bad News, Unfortunately they will not start to disappear until March 2017.

Applications for the renewal of a hackney carriage licence – Policy HC2 section ii
"If the Council (Rossendale) is satisfied that a licence which expires between the adoption of this policy and 31st March 2017 would not be used to a material extent within the Borough of Rossendale under the terms of the licence for which the application is made, the Council will renew the licence once only."

From April 2017 at least 100 vehicles licensed by Rossendale, a month will disappear from the Private Hire circuit

Good News, No new licences will be issued for those working predominately outside the Rossendale Licensing area. (once approved in March)

"Hackney Carriage Intended ‘Use’ Policy"document below

Item_B2._Appendix_A.pdf Item_B2._Appendix_A.pdf
Size : 290.334 Kb
Type : pdf

26th January 2016

Electric Taxi/Private Hie Funding Event

click here to register for tickets

5th January 2016

Message from Trafford Licensing.

Please note that from 1 January 2016 the Licensing Section can only accept payments by DEBIT CARD or CREDIT CARD (+1.6% surcharge on credit card payments) We will no longer be able to accept cash or cheques. This will also be noted on the renewal and application forms but you may wish to advise drivers at this stage.
As you know the counter can be very busy so if you, or drivers, can’t get through on the 0161 912 4242 telephone number please email your enquiry to   This is the generic mailbox and is regularly checked throughout the day so officers will respond to you as soon as they are able.

1st January 2016

Happy New Year

4th October 2015

Cross border hiring is now allowed, so there is a distinct possibility that a large proportion of new Private Hire vehicle licences will be for cars that will not be used in the Trafford Licensing area, because the lack of a Drivers Knowledge Test, which makes getting Driver Licences much easier than any of the surrounding Authorities. Trafford Council have failed to see the parallel with what has happened in Rossendale over the past few years, it is clear to those who actually work in the trade what will now happen, for instance, Private Hire companies who have a Trafford Operators Licence as well as Manchester will be using Trafford vehicles for there Manchester Operation, one company has an Operators Licence for all ten Boroughs in Greater Manchester.

4th October 2015

The Public Protection Committee have voted through the changes that Trafford Council's Licensing Department wanted, regardless of the views expressed at the meeting on 24th September 2015. The vote to remove the knowledge Test was 5 to 4 with Councillors voting along party lines, this despite the fact that 92% of written replies and 83% of those who filled in the on-line survey were against the removal of the Test.


So we now possibly  have the following scenario,

You are foreign born, (nothing wrong with that)

You have written proof of English ability. but in reality it not very good, which is clear when you speak the the Licensing Officer, but that Officer is not allowed to question this as the Officers view is subjective, and could be challenged in court.

You have a criminal record in your country of origin, but the DBS service are barred from checking this.

You can afford a Sat-Nav, pass a medical and have the money to pay.

You now are able to Driver a Taxi /Private Hire anywhere in the UK


The Labour representatives failed to contest the cost of the new Fees after being shown the figures that were used to come to those fees, the trade are being treated to an explanation at the next liaison meeting on the 22nd October, which should have been offered before the meeting on the 23rd September. It is still a fact that Trafford Council have the most expensive licence fees for drivers in the Greater Manchester and Cheshire area.


It has also clear that a member of the Licensing and Public Protection Committees is a supporter of Uber, the Association considers this situation does not fit with him being a member of these Committees. We have complained to the chairman of the Committees with no joy, he doesn't see a problem, but it is clear where there is a doubt of a potential bias, the member shouldn't be on that committee. The only way I can see that there wouldn't be a problem is, when the member is guaranteed to vote the party line regardless of his personal preferences, which is also wrong.

(apologies for what is a late posting, the meeting was not well managed and I felt I needed to be in a calmer mood before posting here)

23rd September 2015

Correspondence sent to Trafford Council about the Proposed Changes in Driver, Operator Fees, the Knowledge and English Test. Also includes the final results of the on-line Survey.Meeting Thursday 24th September 2015 at the Town Hall.

Responces to proposed Fees September 2015.pdf Responces to proposed Fees September 2015.pdf
Size : 1016.78 Kb
Type : pdf

15th September 2015

result of on-line survey, comments can be found on red link below

84% against the removal of the Knowledge Test

15th September 2015

Public Protection Sub-Committee
Thursday, 24th September, 2015 6.30 pm

the links below outline the Councils Proposals


the above includes the result of the on line survey and comments from the trade


Monthly Meetings agenda page

15th September 2015


Read the minutes, seems that the actual representations of the trade were not worth noting in the minutes, this is very disappointing.

The minutes of the meeting

Previous minutes concerning working whilst vehicle suspended.

14th September 2015

Unmet Demand Survey 2015 Published

Conclusion page 56

10.1 Unmet demand Analysis of the taxi rank survey data and consultation data indicate that there is very little evidence of unmet demand and the level is not found to be significant. The level of unmet demand is not significant, with respect to the ISUD index calculation.

 Page 56/57

10.6 Recommendations

There is little evidence of unmet demand at present and the level is well below that which would be considered to be significant. Therefore, the survey has concluded that there is no significant unmet demand for Hackney Carriages in Trafford.

On this basis the authority has discretion in its hackney licensing policy and may either:

Maintain the current limit,

Issue any number of additional plates as it sees fit,

Remove the numerical limit

With respect to illegal plying for hire by Private Hire Vehicles, additional enforcement may reduce the level of illegal activity, if drivers perceive that they are more likely to be caught

well in the end all very vague

Link to survey

The report will be considered by the Public Protection Sub-Committee at its meeting on the 24th September 2015

11th September 2015

Northants taxi driver fined £450 for overcharging customer in £3.50 fare while not using meter

A Taxi driver from Wellingborough has been prosecuted after overcharging a customer. 

Seydi Vakas Colak was ordered to pay £845 after being found guilty of not using the meter in his cab, resulting in his passenger being charged too much.

The action also invalidated his vehicle insurance. 

see newspaper article

8th September 2015

Petition opposing the "unreasonable Fees" proposed by Trafford Council has been set up, see me, Robert on Altrincham and Dave on Stretford.

Petition has been left in the offices of Private Hire Companies also for their Drivers to sign.

8th September 2015

Proposed Road Works on Stamford New Road and the Taxi Rank, Altrincham They were due to start on the 7th but have been put back about a week.

7th September 2015

Don't forget to fill in the survey on Fees and New Driver Proposals

allows you to to fill in form once from a computer if you need to do multiple entries from the same computer, delete the cookies.

copy of proposals and questions can be viewed her

26th August 2015

25th August 2015

Association of Trafford Taxi Drivers


Proposed Changes to Taxi and Private Hire Licensing




Trafford Council Licensing are proposing bringing in three-year drivers licences after 1st October 2015 for Hackney and Private Hire Drivers.


The proposed prices will be as follows.


Current New Application Fee £134.50

Current Licence Renewal Fee £85.00

Proposed New Application Fee

1 year £134.50

2 year £199.40

3 year £264.30

Proposed Licence Renewal Fee

1 year £85.00

2 year £149.90

3 year £214.60

The Council want to have DBS (CRB) checks correspond with the beginning of the licence renewal, so after the 1st October drivers will be issued with a licence of appropriate length so to bring the licence renewal and the DBS check in line, i.e. if your DBS is due October 2017, you would be issued with a 2 year licence.


It needs to be noted that the new application/renewal fee in surrounding districts are somewhat cheaper for renewals especially, than those proposed by Trafford Council, all three-year badges.

Salford, New, HC £220 PH £251, Renewal, HC £108, PH £125,

Cheshire East, New, £180, Renewal, £118,

Cheshire West, New and Renewal, £179,

Warrington, New, £100, Renewal, £175,

Others Stockport isn’t clear what it is and Manchester is artificially low as they are repaying drivers after years of overcharging them.

Bolton, Bury, Rochdale and Tameside only advertised fees are for 1 year Licences. Don’t know why Salford charges more for Private Hire Licences.



As it stands now all new drivers have to do the English test, even if you are born here and English is your first language, the council propose allowing those with recognised qualifications to by-pass the test, i.e. a Degree, A/O level, GCSE etc. in English.


The Council also want to remove the knowledge test and introduce a condition that all drivers must carry a working satellite navigation system.

There was a proposal at the meeting on 20th August, for there to be a probationary Licence issued, subject to passing a knowledge test at a later date.


A further proposal is to introduce a driver induction course, consisting of

Licensing conditions and legislation framework

Customer Care

Wheelchair access and disability awareness

Child sexual exploitation awareness

It is clear from the council proposal document why there are so few new drivers entering the trade, the need for all new drivers at present to take the English test and the fact that Bolton College who perform the test only does it one day a month and then only for 14 applicants at a time, it is no wonder that they go to Rossendale to get a badge. Also only 25% of those applicants go on to pass the knowledge test, so roughly 3 new drivers a month mostly as Private Hire Drivers.


The Council need to slightly adjust the wording of the proposals before they go to a four-week consultation period. They also need to publish the proposed changes in the local newspaper.

When the consultation period is up and running you can either sit back and do nothing, then you have nothing to complain about afterwards or you can get involved, it’s up to you.

21st August 2015

Proposed changes to Driver Licences
following the meeting on 20th August 2012

Post edited to 25th August Version


11th August 2015

Post edited to 25th August Version

 links to Trafford Council Documents

Three year Licences

New Driver Applications

Operators Licences

Public Protection Committee meeting 20th August 2015 Agenda



Rossendale Council are attempting to change the driver conditions for existing and new applications, which is meant to include an ‘intended use’ clause the Rossendale Licensing Committee meeting is set for 10th September 2015 and then the full Rossendale Council on 30th September 2015. The clause is there to stop Taxi drivers working as Private Hire in other districts, they want to back date it to include all presently licensed vehicles and drivers, the Rossendale Taxi Drivers Association are apposed to this and are at present having meetings with Rossendale Council, the Association wants what they call Grandfather rights for existing drivers so they are able to keep there licences. 


July 2015

Messenger Letters


Do taxi drivers know the way?


Ask for a Trafford licensed driver


26th February 2015

Notice of Taxi Licence Fees

(The Advertiser)

10th February 2015

Age Test

The following policy is proposed by Trafford to become effective from the 1st April 2015

One of the two yearly compliance tests will include an age test, where applicable,  at an additional charge of £12.50

On renewal of the licence the vehicle owner will be required to provide a copy of the age test certificate showing that a test has been done within the last 6 months. If an age test has not been done the licence will not be renewed and the vehicle will be subject to a new application and an age test at the full fee of £25.

Unmet Demand

Trafford Council has appointed Vector Transport Consultancy to undertake an Unmet Demand Survey in 2015.

January 2015

next Liaison Meeting 29th January 2015

Full Agenda

New Hackney Carriage/PH Testing Manual

New Retest Fee Structure

don't forget the username &password are case sensitive initial letter is a capital

12th January 2015

£6 million improvements announce for Altrincham includes Stamford New Road "opposite Taxi Rank" we are still fighting to get the rank made safe, it looks like the "considered" wording was another way of saying they will do nothing. They need to put the pavement opposite the rank back to the width it was previously and add a cobbled area like the Town Hall Rank in Sale has to move the traffic away from the rank, which still even without the buses comes dangerously close to the cabs parked on the Rank

see Altrincham Today report

18th December 2014

Trafford Council have agreed that "some Amendments to the rank will be considered" its a step in the right direction, any changes will not be before April 2015 as part of phase 1 of the Town Centre improvements

17th December 2014

Trafford Council shall be using Key Control Security Services Ltd operatives to marshal the ranks again. 

December nights shifts Commencing:

Dates: 19th & 20th December

Times: 10:30pm - 3:30am

3 - Operatives at the Altrincham Rank

3 - Operatives at the Sale Metrolink Station Rank

2 - Operatives at the Sale Waterside Plaza Rank (Town Hall Rank to us)

Times: 10:30pm - 3:30am

Dates: 24th& 31st December

Times: 10:30pm - 3:30am

3 - Operative at the Altrincham Rank

3 - Operative at the Sale Metrolink Station Rank

There will be 2 operatives this year to cover the Sale Waterside Plaza on the 19/12/2013 – 20/12/2013 apparently these nights have proved to be busier nights. The extra staff will help with the guardianship at the Canal Bridge, Waterside Area

details with slightly amended wordingfrom Trafford Licences email

5th November 2014

Letter with regards closure of Stamford New Road, Altrincham, for re-surfacing from 10th November 2014

Read Letter 

During the closure the Taxi Rank will be located at the Bus Stops opposite Station House

25th October 2014

If three year licenses come in for Drivers the Licensing Department at Trafford Council are unlikely to change the same fee as it stands now for the issuing of such, they are implying that the cost of administering the licence over the three year period will not be much different to the cost of issuing them yearly. So much for the saving hinted at in the house of Lords during the Deregulation debate on the 21st October 2014.

Vehicle Licensing will still be yearly.

24th October 2014

Meeting took place with Council Officials from Highways and a representative of TfGM on Thursday 23rd, initially very negative but some progress was made, a further review will be made in January 2015. More will be reported on this next week when I have talked to those who come along, to get their view point on the meeting.

We would like to thank Cllr Michael Young of Ward for attending our meeting with Council Officials on Thursday www.attd,

6th October 2014

Next Taxi Liaison meeting will be 22nd October, any suggestions you would like to add to the agenda please contact me.

2nd October 2014

Trafford return to single appointment system for plate renewals, better than last years mess 

30th September 2014

Letter from Greater Manchester Police about Rossendale Taxis 

24th September 2014

Rossendale Taxis inspections. 

23rd Sept, Officers from Rossendale Neighbourhood policing team were deployed on Operation Spartacus with Rossendale Borough Council, alongside Operation Tourist which was deployed jointly with Rossendale Borough Council and Greater Manchester Police this morning. In total 20 vehicles were inspected to ensure the safety of the travelling public, of these 1 warning was issued, 5 defect notices and 5 suspension notices were served. In addition to this, 1 unlicensed vehicle was found to be operating and 1 driver was found to be operating without his badge

20th Sept, This evening Operation Spartacus took place in Rossendale with members of the Neighbourhood Policing Team and Enforcement Officers from Rossendale Borough Council. Operation Spartacus focuses on travelling public safety and this evening 8 taxis were checked in Haslingden, Rawtenstall and Bacup. Of these 8 vehicles 3 were suspended for various vehicle defects including defective roof signs and meters, lights and brake lights not functioning and damage to bodywork (leaving sharp edges). A further vehicle was given a warning. The Neighbourhood Team take part in these operations on a regular basis and are keen to assist in keeping local taxis to the required safety standard.

details from Rossendale Taxi Association, via facebook

21 September 2014

Driver numbers drop by 5%, there are now 209 licensed Hackney Taxi Drivers in Trafford.

Public Register of Trafford Taxi Plate holders to be published by the council soon, see who owns what.

Rumours that Trafford want to introduce an NVQ qualification for New and existing drivers is False

19th September 2014

Altrincham Rank will be disrupted next week while the contractors put in the cobbles along the edge of the path ( the darker coloured section) as they forgot to do it when they laid the path in the first place, should take two days

This weekend Altrincham rank will be open as normal (as it can be). The 4 way traffic lights should be removed by tonight.

In coming weeks a two way traffic light system will be set up if they have to relay the paths again which are to low, or they might lower the road surface, depends on how much Trafford are willing to spend, you would have thought this was included in the 19 million they allocated for the work. Well there you go still cannot find money though to put the rank right, the safety of Taxi Drivers is obviously low on the agenda.

Sale Rank, no U-turns don't forget, 1 accident in 15 years at 2am in 2002, Taxi in accident with car, one had been drinking!

10th September 2014

Out of Area Taxi's touting, we have had contact with the Police and there is hope something will be done.

9th September 2014

There has been complaints about over ranking on Sale Rank. If we don't want to have a lot of hassle from the Council or the Police we need to tidy up our act. So please keep it to four cabs and no U-turns on or off the the Rank

1st September 2014

Police Commissioners Office looking in to out of area Taxis touting for work on Railway Street, Altrincham and School Road, Sale.

Expect more Police Activity around ranks especially in Sale with respect to over ranking and u-turns

New Enforcement officer has been employed by Trafford

Trafford Highways department maybe privatised, this lot are in charge of Taxi Ranks

7th July 2014

Details concerning Altrincham Rank Meeting on Members Page.

Do you want a face increase, TOADA have applied to the Council for one.

Taxi Liaison Meeting due on 10th July has been re-arranged to 29th July.

11th June 2014

Health and Safety Executive advice for Taxi Drivers, interesting read

4th June 2014

It has been confirmed after months of trying to find out about Altrincham Rank, Andrew Hague of Trafford Highways Department, says that they don't have any plans to redesign Altrincham Taxi Rank, because they have no funds to do so and its our fault the trade for not contesting the design in 2011, so we seem to be stuck with a rank that is not fit for purpose (for the time being anyway). 

26th May 2014

Trafford Private Hire Companies openly own  Rossendale Taxis, New Moon, Plates 1126 and 1317, Station Cars, Plate 1181

25th May 2014

Law Commission, 84 Recommendations listed, see list

23rd May 2014

Law Commission report issued, read more

19th May 2014

Trafford Council finally accept the Association as a representative group. read more